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The Backhouse

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An anything-goes Schneiderverse crack community
the facts were these...
It started as an innocent-enough journal entry about a simple t-shirt. It exploded into a monstrous, cracked-out conversation between four sad fangirls, folkloric_feel, stttmsbwa, jannika, and amberdowny. Now, it's spawned a community all of its own.

The idea:
An anything-goes place to chat about Drake & Josh, iCarly, and other assorted Schneiderverse-related goodness.

The place:
Fic, fandom art of all types (icons, banners/layout, fanart, etc.), media/video, and conversation of any kind (the crackier, the better!) are all welcome. Come in. Introduce yourself. Hang out for a while.

The super!mods:
stttmsbwa, the crack queen extraordinaire. We still blame her for all this.
folkloric_feel, the artistic guru. Hide your screencaps, kids. She's got an addiction.
jannika and author_abz, the all-around super!mods extraordinaire. Because super!mods stick together. They're like a crime fighting team, except with 500% more capslock flailing.

The affiliates:
groovysmoothie, an anything-goes iCarly community. Check them out. We hear they're the coolest kids around.
zaplook, your number-one search engine for iCarly media - pictures, video, interviews, and more. We think they're pretty fantastic, too.
nick_girlslash, a Nickelodeon femslash community. We hear they're pretty cracktastic too. And they enjoy Sam's magical hair as much as we do. We approve of all of this.
palmwoods, a Big Time Rush slash community. Because Nickelodeon's strict "no straight boys allowed" is thankfully still intact today with the boys of BTR.

The disclaimer:
Drake & Josh and iCarly are the sole property of Dan Schneider and Schneider's Bakery, Inc. The Backhouse is in no way affiliated with Schneider's Bakery, Nickelodeon, or any of the shows and characters discussed within. And obviously, we don't own Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Jerry Trainor, or any of the other actors discussed. Trust us... if we owned these boys, their show would be on HBO, and it would be a big, glorious gay soap opera.

rules? what rules?
As you'll probably gather from a quick peek inside, we're pretty insane. (We know. We can't help it.) The goal is for this place to be a laid-back, welcoming, all-inclusive community. It's like your cool friends' apartment, the one everyone shows up at randomly at all times of the day and night, the one with the comfy couches and the seemingly unlimited supply of snacks. Just the online version. So jump right on in and don't be afraid to be crazy. We don't bite although we've heard a few rumors about Spencer. Just sayin'.

Fic-wise, we're open to whatever. You'll find we often get carried away with the Schneiderverse boys- Drake, Josh, and Spencer, in particular, because they are made of win- but as we said, we're anything-goes. Intrigued by a pairing we haven't thought of yet? Go right ahead and get us addicted. We welcome femslash as well as slash, especially if it gives us more reasons to drool over Sam's magical hair, and het too, because what crackier crack pairing is there in the Schneiderverse than Spencer/Mrs. Benson? We indulge in RPS as well as show-verse, so if you're uncomfortable with that, be sure to pay attention to tags. We encourage crossovers; if you've been looking for a place to find Drake/Spencer or other crossover ideas/pairings, today's your lucky day. Also, we've adopted Devon Werkheiser, because Nickelodeon is clearly incapable of hiring straight boys (no, really, they have a casting policy, and it involves locking future actors in a room with Drake and Josh and seeing if swooning is induced), and big gay soap operas are so much better when jailbait lovers and 500% more sparkles are involved.

So, clearly, we're not ones to make judgments about sanity. Main rule of thumb? Don't doubt, JUST POST. Nothing is too out there for us.

All tags are given by mods. If it's your first time posting, or if you don't see a tag for your pairing/topic, make sure to give them a heads-up in your post.

Just in case, we ask that you friends lock all NC-17 rated content. If you're unsure about something and need to ask if it warrants f-locking/a higher or lower rating, go right ahead.

Other than that, we don't really have much in the way of rules. Other than the fact that we approve of the capslock button. Very much so.

the prettiness.
All site artwork (header, banners, etc.) is made by folkloric_feel unless otherwise noted, working from bases generously gathered by community members and other lovely folks. (See something you like? Feel free to borrow it and use it for your own journal-related purposes. Just credit her in your profile page, then gaze at it lovingly as much as you want.)


so many shades of love

pretty funny

she knows


life imitates art

a kids show with handcuffs

spencer shay, porn star

Stylesheet by refuted